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Here you find the documentation for the Feature Flags API.

Base URL: https://releaseflags.com

Get a list of feature flags enabled for the environment of your application

This endpoint will return all the enabled feature flags matching the application and environment from your API key. Disabled feature flags will not be returned with this endpoint.

Be aware: when you are using this API directly from your browser or any API client that is aware of cache headers. The max-age header this endpoint returns is set to 1 minute, so it will take up to 1 minute before your feature may appear, unless you force your browser/client to fetch without caching.

Path Parameters
string The ID of the application you can find in the Application Settings page
string The environment of the application you want to fetch the feature flags of.
You can find the environment name in the environment badges on the Application Settings page and should be written in all lowercase.
string The API key of the application you can find in the Application Settings page
string Default: application/vnd.api.v1+json
Code Description
200 A list of enabled feature flag keys for this application and environment.
204 There are no enabled feature flags for this application and environment.
503 The service is unavailable.
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