React.js Quick Start

This reference guide will show you how you can set up Releaseflags with React.js.

Step 1. Add the React Provider to your project

Add the file 0-releaseflags-react-sdk.js to your React.js project, for example in src/modules/releaseflags-react-sdk.js.

Step 2. Wrap the ReleaseflagsProvider in the root of your project

Wrap the ReleaseflagsProvider in your App.js as shown in 1-app.js. Set the props for applicationId, environment and apiKey according to your application's settings.

Step 3. Use the component


As you can see I'm using the isomorphic-fetch dependency in the releaseflags-react-sdk.js file. You can easily replace it with any fetch polyfill library or use native Fetch.

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