About Releaseflags

Releaseflags started as a side-project by me (), as I was missing the ability to use feature flags in the applications I was building as a developer, often in a small team, with tiny DevOps budgets. I strongly believe that in this modern era of software engineering it is your privilege to release early and release often. However I do understand that you don't want to deliver everything to your customers. That's where feature flags come in.

For Create Your Surprise that I co-founded in January 2019 I've implemented feature flags for both our web and mobile clients so we could have continuous deployments, without rolling out features to our customers directly. The APIs and UI I've created for Create Your Surprise is the base of Releaseflags.

This is Patrick

Hello, my name is Patrick van Marsbergen, I'm a Software Engineer and Product Owner living in Weesp, The Netherlands.

Hello, this is Patrick

I am a passionate Product Developer who loves creating new products for web and mobile use. It is my passion to tackle challenging problems, where I serve my users the best experience possible while writing as little written software as possible.

Free for use

Since the platform is free for now and you appreciate the platform, you are welcome to make a donation. I'll promise I will spend the donations on hosting and extending the platform.

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