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Screenshot of the Releaseflags interface
Affordable feature flags
Affordable feature flags
It was never so easy to get your applications up and running with feature flags!
For startups and developers
For startups and developers
Releaseflags is especially designed for developers and small startups to give them an easy way to implement feature flags without high costs.
Easy API
Easy API
Using Releaseflags in your app is real easy. Just call the JSON api giving your Application ID, environment and API key and it will return you a list of enabled keys for that application and environment.


Releaseflags is free of use for now since it's just starting. In the future I plan to introduce a subscription model which is based on usage / feedback from this initial period. For single developer usage I always try to keep it free.

Since the platform is free of use, but hardware does comes with a price, any donation is much appreciated!


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